Oct 11


Good morning!

Text:  Jeremiah 40-42; Isaiah 24

In Jeremiah 40-42 we read God’s words to the remnant of Jews left behind in the Promised Land after the Babylonians have taken the best and brightest into captivity.  He tells the people to not be afraid of the Babylonian king and not to flee to Egypt.  Sadly, they do not listen.  Along the way, we find Jeremiah say these words:

…you sent me to the Lord your God, saying, ‘Pray for us to the Lord our God, and whatever the Lord our God says, declare to us and we will do it.’ (Jeremiah 42:20)
This caught my attention.  When I seek the Lord, when I want to know what He says to do, I think I want to know in order that I might obey; “declare to us and we will do it.”  But, when it gets right down to it, will I actualy obey the Lord?  How about if to obey seems foolish, painful or frightening?  How about you, right now – has He told you to do something hard?  Will you?
in Him, Mike