Good morning!
Text:  Isaiah 25-29; Proverbs 7
Sometimes in my reading I come across a verse that has spoken to me before, even often.  Isaiah 26:3 is one of those.  it is a Word of comfort, strength, and reminder.  It is worthy of memorization:
You keep him in perfect peace
    whose mind is stayed on you,
    because he trusts in you.
The peace described here is “shalom,”  that peace of wholeness, fulfillment and completion.  To make sure we get how perfect the peace of God is here, the Hebrew literally uses the word twice – “peace peace.”  The one the Lord keeps, guards and protects in a state of “peace peace” is the one whose mind is “stayed” on the Lord.
I am a sailor at heart, having spent a lot of time on sailboats in my younger years, and literally several years underway on ships at sea in the navy.  The mast on a larger sailing vessel is secured by strong lines (ropes or cables) that go from up high on the mast down to the ship below.  They are called “stays” because the make sure the mast stays put.  When I read these words, I imagine my mind being secured like that – strong, strong cords holding my mind in place so it cannot sway or stray from being centered upon my Lord.  The one held firm and solid in trust of the Lord – will have perfect peace.  Remember the story of Jesus walking out to the disciples in their boat in the water?  And how Peter steps out and also walks on water until he founders when he takes his eyes away from Jesus?  Oh, Lord, may my mind and my trust be held fast, stayed upon you.  Amen!
in Him,  Mike