Good morning!
Text: Malachi 1-2; Isaiah 54
 A priest is one who stands between God and humans.  A priest represents humans to God with prayers and offerings – and represents God to humans with the Word, teaching and example.  In 1 Peter 2:9 we are told, as believers in Christ, that we are a “royal priesthood.”  Every one of us is called to this high office.  With that in view, Malachi 2:7 grabbed me this morning:

For the lips of a priest should guard knowledge, and people should seek instruction from his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.

Those words speak volumes about our calling to knowledge – to read, study, memorize and meditate upon the Word of God.  It speaks of our mandate to sit under good instruction from wise and gifted mentors and teachers that we might have knowledge to share.  And it speaks volumes about the care we need to take in our speech and in our behavior.  If we are to be sought after for instruction, we must have the respect and credibility to be messengers of the Lord of hosts.
This gives me pause.  It brings me conviction over off-handed or sarcastic remarks.  It brings renewed commitment to be humble and diligent in my engagement with the Word of God and with people. It brings me to my knees. 
in Him,  Mike