Good morning!
Text:  Ezekiel 39-42; Psalm 132
Sometimes God’s Word is very mysterious to me.  In Ezekiel 40-42 there are detailed descriptions of a temple for the Lord.   Commentators struggle with what this means, and so do I.  If you take the time to go back to the instructions in the Law for the tabernacle, or the descriptions in 1 Kings 6 of the first temple, you will discover that Ezekiel’s is different – more grand. Ezekiel’s temple is given in a vision.  These are not instructions, but rather descriptions:
 And the man said to me, “Son of man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart upon all that I shall show you, for you were brought here in order that I might show it to you. Declare all that you see to the house of Israel.”
That Ezekiel is to set his “heart upon” this and also to declare it reminds me of the words of an old song – “This world is not my home…”  It is a calling onward and upward.  The eternal is what matters.  The things of the Kingdom are what matter.  Our worship is what matters.  And the Lord’s plans are beyond our understanding.  Amen!
in Him,  Mike