Good morning!

Text:  Matthew 15  (Genesis 29-30)

Matthew records two events where Jesus feeds a great crowd with a little bit of bread and a few fish.  In today’s text, we read the second account. Jesus says, “I have compassion on the crowd…” and then performs the miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fishes.  The food is distributed…

And they all ate and were satisfied…  (Matthew 15:37).

The world and the devil are harsh, and they offer false claims that they can satisfy.  Sadly, many people fall for their nonsense.  They make shipwreck of their lives chasing after phony promises of fulfillment.  Yet Jesus is the compassionate One.  When we come and receive from Him, we will find ultimate satisfaction.  He meets our every need, gives us purpose and direction for life, strength when we are weak, joy, hope and peace, and above all He gives us perfect love.   Come to Jesus and be satisfied.

in Him, Mike